Highlander Security

Highlander Secuity Systems founder JWM

“We are here to protect you and yours, to save you money and to make your life easier. This brings us pleasure, it is a joy, an honor to serve.” -J. W. McClain, Founder.

We at Highland Security Systems would like to introduce ourselves as the single source connection to the cutting edge world of detection and surveillance services.  We provide a solid resource to constantly evolving technology.  With offerings from fire and security systems to CCTV and access control we provide custom tailored packages with an easy to use interface for every client.

Our Mission

Highlander’s mission is to tame technology in order to serve you. To put in your hands the power of knowledge and communication. Who is in my building? What happened? When? Where?
Is everyone safe? Yes. Yes they are.

Highlander Security is committed to the service experience, to detail, to quality, to growth and to delivering on our promise.

Saving You Money

Focusing on Fire Alarm Transmission for clients in commercial, self storage and apartment house buildings, we use the newest technology at prices far lower then those you currently pay. With Highlander you save an average of 35% on your current Fire Monitoring, Dedicated Phone Lines, and Required Fire Testing.  Plus we go far beyond that. Culling out the best products from all of the biggest names in the industry we make sure that you have the products you need. All at fair and honest prices.

Servicing Clients Nationally

Wherever you are, we provide the most cost effective solutions for any of your problems. Whether commercial or residential, large or small, if you need Fire Alarm Systems, Security systems, CCTV, Access Control, LED lights or Personal trackers, we have you covered.

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